Understanding Czech Republic

79,00 CHF

  • Get an understanding how Czech Republic works regarding politics, society and/ or macroeconomics
  • 4 learning blocks – choose your filed of interests
  • Personal lessons – your interest and questions are in the focus
  • you can book for yourself or up to max. 5 people in the same course
  • This here can be a first pillar for you to get into the Czech business

More information you find here below in the description!



In this personal informative course you will get a little insight into the world of Czech Republic. The course includes information about politics, society and economics (political economy) in the region. If you are not familiar with it or if you are considering doing business in or with Czech Republic, then this course is certainly a good start for you so that you can fill gaps in your knowledge. In this context, you will receive the basics to be able to grasp Czech Republic in a more understandable way. Perhaps this can help you to make the start of one of your possible activities in connection with Central-Eastern Europe easier.


The course is designed in 4 blocks of one hour each. Each of these blocks can be booked individually, which you can select in the options. There is no obligation to book all 4 blocks. Each individual block is self-contained, so you can choose the block or blocks that suits you best.

  1. Block: General information about Czech Republic – first insight
  2.  Block: Society (people and everyday life, cultural characteristics, challenges, etc.)
  3. Block: Politics (political systems, party landscapes, structures, understanding of democracy, etc.)
  4. Block: Economics (economic relations, developments, industries, intercultural communication, etc.)

Course language

German or English (can flexibly be chosen)


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