House building for all people of free will!

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  • Supporting displaced people to get stability and comfort wherever they are
  • Creating and designing real estates in order to provide all basic needs for inhabitants
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The company 2UHome is a platform created as an answer to the current challenge that all Ukrainians along with the other world are facing right now. Our mission is to facilitate all who is in need to get stability and comfort wherever they are. We trust in humanity, sound economy and bright future for all people of free will!

We are Ukrainian company and our goal is to provide Ukrainians with descent living conditions, to help them adapt and
integrate within new reality with the most possible comfort and effectiveness.


We want to help local authorities with our technology, knowledge and effort.

We want to involve displaced Ukrainians into productive process of establishing their lives in new places, create new jobs and support sustainable economy.

With our projects we would like to make effort and link the potential of Ukrainian nation and support of Europeans.


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