Our Philosophy


Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe in the Head and Heart
Entrepreneurial thinking should not be guided by profit alone but also by convictions. We are therefore all convinced with heart and soul that an improved economic exchange within Europe leads to balanced societies. To this end, we focus primarily on Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe (MOSO), because there is a lot of potential here too.


Customer Satisfaction
There’s no question – customer satisfaction is at the top of our list. With this in mind, we always make sure that we can offer products of excellent quality. The range of products and other little things from MOSO is constantly being expanded and supplemented so that we can offer something for everyone.


Focus on Sustainability
Sustainability is extremely important and that is why we always keep our eyes open for suitable solutions so that the environment can be relieved. In this sense, for example, we ensure that no animal meat products or seafood are offered in our online shop.


Social Entrepreneurship
We see ourselves as a social enterprise. In this sense, we focus not only on sustainability, but also on promoting projects in Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The history of hamoso is closely interwoven with countries from the MOSO region. In addition, deepening social and economic cooperation with and within the region is important to us. Therefore, with every sale in our online shop, part of our revenues are transferred to the Forum for Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe so that people, ideas and projects can be promoted. You can find more information about this forum at www.fomoso.org