Dropshipping for our and your Online Shop!

Dropshipping Supplier

In our shop, we also have products that we purchase from dropshipping providers. In this regard, we are always looking for new producers and wholesalers from Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe, who offer or enable dropshipping, so that their goods can be offered in our hamoso shop. Please contact us if you would like to work with us: info@hamoso.com

Dropshipping Client

In addition to this search for or cooperation with dropshipping providers, we are always interested in working with other online shops. We are partly in the wholesale trade or maintain contacts with the wholesale trade in Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe. In this regard, we also offer dropshipping for you as a retailer with your own shops from our side. As a result, we are also a small-scale dropshipping provider ourselves.

In other words, if you would like to have certain products or services from our shop in your shop, then we are open to your request for a dropshipping partnership. Write to us (info@hamoso.com) or click on the request button below, so that you can offer some of our exciting goods in your own shop as well!