The Right Online Marketplace for your goods!

Is your company connected in one way or another with Central-Eastern or Southeastern Europe? Are you looking for an online shop where you can offer your manufactured product, commercial goods or merchandise in order to gain access to German-speaking countries on a larger scale and with little effort? Then you have come to the right place – the hamoso shop is the online marketplace for your goods and even services!

Thanks to our adapted options and cost structure, we are the ideal contact partner for small, medium-sized and start-up entrepreneurs as well as for online retailers and larger entrepreneurs.

The hamoso shop is the online marketplace for your goods and services from Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe. We support entrepreneurs from this region in order to be particularly successful on the German-speaking market!
Sell your products and/ or services here in the hamoso shop. Choose a model and register in order to create and publish your offer in this shop!

Clear Cost Structure

As your shop partner, we rely on simple and transparent cost structures. Therefore, our costs are based only on commissions on your sales. This means that every work we do for you is included in the commissions!

No language barriers!

If the description of your products or services can only be found in your native language, then that is not a problem. We translate everything into German and English at no additional cost!

We offer two models to integrate your assortment in the shop:

1. Online-Retailer-Model

If you are good with user interfaces, then this model is the right choice for you! Here, you can activate your products or services independently in the hamoso shop. After registration (Online-Retailer registration here), You will receive access data from us to your own internal area in the online shop, where you can design/ adapt your own brand names, logo, goods, variations, prices, images, texts and much more. Don’t worry, if you wish, we will be happy to explain how the internal area works. As soon as you have internalised the functions, you can get started and install your products in the shop. The entire sales and payment processing takes place in the hamoso shop. For every product or service sold that comes from you, hamoso receives a commission of 10%.

2. All-Around-Model

If you are not interested in dealing with the Online-Retailer-Model and in dealing with such technical conditions, then we can take care of the whole thing for you (All-Around registration here). Just send us your product list in German, English or in your native language (Excel file or list with all the important information including photos) and we will offer your products in the shop under your brand name and company logo. The entire sales and payment processing takes place in the hamoso shop. In principle, with this model you only have to worry about shipping the goods from your warehouse. Compared to the Online-Retail-Model, the whole thing involves additional work. That is why a commission of 15% is charged to hamoso on every product or service sold from your assortment in the shop.



We increase your reach without language barriers!

Regardless of which model you choose, our goal is that your products and /or services, thanks to our hamoso shop, achieve a wide range, especially in German-speaking countries. For this, we work intensively to manage all important channels so that you can increase your sales. With this in mind, after consultation, your offers can be placed on social media or other online marketplaces, for example. We take care of this!

By the way, don’t worry about the language on the website either. We support you so that your products or services are translated from your native language into German and English so that you can reach the target customers without any obstacles!